Welcome to the Fowl Language COMMENTS Wiki, an encyclopedia about how the antics of the wiki could be wacky!


Currently, we are in our beginning stage. We are in need of more users, so join the fun if you will!

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Here are the rules within this wiki.

  • You can create unrelated pages, but not spam pages/pages full of gibberish.
  • Your profile page can be an article, but since Fowl Language itself contains profanity, you may swear if not offensive to anyone else.
  • Do not swear or cuss at anyone else.
  • Do not pester the admins about promoting you.
  • You can never add porn, but you are exempt if it was just an accident. Just delete the picture ASAP.
  • Do not edit other people's actual profile pages without their permission.
  • An article can be biased if it says “In the perspective of...”
  • Do not delete articles unless they are vulgar or inappropriate.

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